3rd March 2020 News

Commissioner granted over £300k for police Tasers

Taser funding has been successful

A total of £313,500 will bring a further 380 Tasers into use across the force.

This follows the Government announcement about investment to make Tasers more widely available, allowing Lancashire Constabulary to ensure more officers who want to be equipped and trained to use one can do so.

The Commissioner has called for a phased increase in Tasers and the number of officers who are trained to use them in appropriate circumstances, based on operational need.

He said:

“I’m delighted our bid for Taser funding has been successful. This allows us to increase our capacity when it comes to Tasers and provides the force greater flexibility and capacity when making operational decisions all aimed at keeping people safe from harm.

“Any additional money towards policing in Lancashire is welcome but it is disappointing that this funding does not take into account the ongoing investment required, which includes the increased cost of maintenance and training.

“However it is good news that officers, who choose to carry a Taser, will be better placed to protect our communities and themselves at a time of increased pressures on the service, and help tackle violent crime.”

Deputy Chief Constable Terry Woods said: ““This is positive news for Lancashire’s Police Officers and the public we serve. We are determined to ensure that our officers have the right kit to best protect Lancashire’s communities.”

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