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Commissioner disappointed as Lancashire police face biggest shortfall in Home Office funding decision

7 June, 2018

Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw has called again for the Government to review its decision making as new figures show that Lancashire police are the biggest losers in a Home Office funding process.

The Home Office reserves a pot from the national policing budget to meet unexpected policing costs. Data published this week showed that Lancashire’s bid to cover the costs of policing the fracking site on Preston New Road faced the biggest shortfall. The £1.4 million grant awarded left the police force to find the difference of £5.4 million from existing budgets. The next largest shortfall was £1.6 million for policing the Champions League final.

Clive Grunshaw said “This is another hammer blow for people in Lancashire showing that the Government doesn’t care about the impact of its decisions on our communities. In other parts of the country we see areas receiving a greater level of support.

“This decision was made in Westminster but residents in Lancashire are being left to foot the bill. Other external decisions, such as where to hold political conferences, international meetings or European cup finals have seen a much higher proportion of the costs covered, if not all of them.

“The Home Secretary Sajid Javid made the original decision to allow fracking in Lancashire. He now has a chance to ensure that our police aren’t left short changed as a result of their work keeping people safe at the site. I hope he now listens to Lancashire’s pleas to review this unfair funding decision.”


Police and crime commissioners can apply to the Home Office for special grant funding to meet additional costs that would be incurred from policing unexpected and exceptional events within their areas.

Details published by the Home Office show the applications and the outcome of each one:

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