13th April 2018 News

Commissioner comments on new £9m cybercrime fund

Cybercrime is one of the biggest challenges

“Cybercrime is one of the biggest challenges facing policing. Online crime now accounts for over half of all crime committed every day and this set to grow rapidly, so the way we tackle crime has to change as online criminals attempt to stay one step ahead in the constantly evolving digital world.

“Whether it’s illegal activities hidden in the dark web or brazen scams, robbing victims of their life savings, forces across the country need the resources which allow them to tackle online criminals on both a local and national scale.

“Today’s announcement of dedicated resources and money for local responses is a welcome start, but a challenge of this scale needs a sustained national effort to take on those who use cyber space to commit often extremely serious crimes, and there is more to be done to strengthen the links between local forces, regional hubs and national agencies. It is also crucial that public and private sector work with law enforcement agencies to prevent individuals and businesses becoming victims and to tackle this problem together.

“Commissioners and police forces are seeing increased demand up and down the country for a response to cybercrime and we will look forward to working with the Home Secretary and national agencies to ensure a joined up policing response and better protection for the public.”

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