1st March 2021

Commissioner calls on people to have their say in national Dog Theft Survey

The Association of Police & Crime Commissioners (APCC) has launched a national survey, designed to understand public perception of dog theft, enforcement and the prosecution of offenders.

The Home Secretary is currently reviewing the issue of pet theft and what future enforcement may look like with potentially tougher penalties for perpetrators.

The responses to this survey will help inform the discussions that PCCs will have on this issue nationally and allow police forces to better understand the public’s views on this crime and how they might improve their response to these concerns.

Demand for dogs as pets has increased during the coronavirus pandemic. The cost of some puppies can currently be as high as £3,000, making them a valuable commodity to criminals.

According to Dog Lost, the UK’s largest lost and found dog service, it is estimated thefts have risen by 250 per cent, with criminal gangs involved.

Lancashire’s Police & Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw, wants local residents to take part in the first national consultation on this very topical issue.

Mr Grunshaw said:

“As Police and Crime Commissioner I am the public’s voice in policing, which is why I am keen to see people in the county take this opportunity to have their say in this national survey which will inform discussions and decisions that are taken nationally to tackle dog theft.

“The emotional trauma that is experienced by dog owners who become victims of this callous crime has a major impact and anything that can help officers here and across the country better understand an issue and help tackle crime can only be a good thing.

“Officers work around the clock to tackle crime, and are doing more with less, even with the recent investment to replace officers lost over the last decade. Our Lancashire officers’ hard work and determination is key in keeping our streets safe and reassuring the public that no stone is left unturned in stopping criminal gangs.

The 60-second survey will be open until 17:00 on Friday 12th March.


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