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Commissioner calls on new PM to repair damage after decade of police cuts in Lancashire

25 July, 2019

Clive Grunshaw, Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, has called on Boris Johnson to address almost 10 years of police cuts after promising 20,000 new police officers across the country during his first address as Prime Minister.

After the Prime Minister pledged recruitment for these officers would ‘start forthwith’, the Commissioner is demanding that any additional resource is allocated pro rata, proportionate to the number of officers that have been lost since 2010, with over 750 less in Lancashire – the 7th highest nationally.

He is also highlighting how any additional funding must take into account inflation and the recently announced 2.5% pay rise for officers which, whilst entirely deserved, will leave a £6m hole in Lancashire Constabulary’s budget if not properly funded. In addition, last year’s Government enforced pension contribution changes again lacked any long term plan around how they are funded.

He said:

“Lancashire Constabulary has seen some of the largest losses of police officers in the country, with over 750 since 2010. In comparison, places like Surrey have lost just eight officers and depending on calculations stand to gain more which is a stark injustice which must be reflected when this much needed funding is allocated.

“I have also asked the Prime Minister to clarify how forces will be supported to recruit and train hundreds of extra officers and get them onto the streets where they are needed.

“We want our fair share of 20,000 officers to replace as a minimum what Lancashire has lost after successive Governments have decimated funding which must be put back in to help keep the people of Lancashire, and across the country, safe.”


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