8th September 2018 News

Commissioner attends launch of cyber crime awareness scheme

Cyber crime awareness

The scheme, run in partnership with the Lancashire Volunteer Partnership, will see volunteers with experience in computing and cyber security going into the community and is believed to be the first of its kind in the country. As part of their training, volunteer ambassadors of the programme are provided with the knowledge to work with community groups and people across Lancashire to improve their awareness of cyber crime, and how they can protect themselves from crime online.

Volunteers taking part in the scheme will bring their own life experience as well as gaining more awareness of the common types of cyber crime. They will receive guidance on how to protect yourself and others from crime, ‘soft skills’ to use online – which includes secure passwords and information on what should and should not be posted online – and the consequences if people start getting involved in cyber crime.

Commissioner Grunshaw welcomed the new approach and the commitment from the volunteers in the programme:

“It was great to see so many volunteers come forward as part of this scheme that looks to give back to the community and help keep people safe online. We know that as much as half of all crime now has some element of online technology, whether card fraud, hacking businesses or stalking and harassment.

“This scheme will raise awareness of the risks of cyber crime and will help stop people committing crime as well as ensuring people can protect themselves from becoming a victim.  With the scale of cyber crime, and this is only the crime we know about, there can be no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to tacking what is a huge problem.

“When money that is stolen online can vanish in seconds, prevention has to be our watchword. These volunteers will help us understand the problems people are facing, offering help and advice to tackle crimes before they are committed, and give the people of Lancashire the best support possible.”

More information on the Lancashire Volunteer Partnership and volunteering opportunities across the county can be found here.

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