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Comment from Clive Grunshaw following cross-party delegation to Policing Minister Mike Penning

22 October, 2015

I am really grateful to all the MPs who took the time to meet with me and the Chief Constable last week and yesterday evening (Wednesday, October 21) to discuss the impending review of the funding formula for policing and its potential impact on Lancashire.

Yesterday they took their concerns to the Policing Minister Mike Penning and have agreed to collectively respond to the latest consultation.

I understand the meeting was productive and that Mr Penning has asked for detailed concerns to be put in writing.

The Chief Constable and I have already written to the Home Secretary Theresa May and Mr Penning calling for the changes to be put on hold while a robust and detailed analysis can be undertaken.

I and many of my PCC colleagues have been calling for more information about the formula since the first consultation was launched in July. Just two weeks ago we received this information and knew then that it would have a significant impact on Lancashire if the changes go ahead.

Even before that time I was engaging with all our MPs and the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners with concerns about the process.

The Chief Constable and I continue to work on our response to the latest consultation which is due in by next Friday.

In the meantime I would urge the people of Lancashire to get behind us and our campaign to cut the cuts.

Residents can do two things. They can sign the petition started by Save Lancs Police which is can be found on Facebook and Twitter or on the website, or they can write to their MP expressing their concerns. To help I have placed a template letter and the list of MPs on my website and on my social media pages.

The cuts proposed are very real and will have a major impact on Lancashire Constabulary if they are introduced.

Lancashire is being unfairly singled out – even though we have proved to be the best force in the country and named “outstanding” for the way we have handled the cuts so far.

The cuts proposed will change the way we police Lancashire for ever – it’s no good shouting after these changes come in and when you don’t get a response to your call for help. If we want to keep Lancashire safe we all need to act now.

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