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Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has heard how new technology, which received almost £100k investment from his office, is helping Lancashire’s dedicated rural officers stop criminals in their tracks. The Commissioner helped fund the new kit as part of his commitment to rural policing, which he has reiterated during Rural Crime Week. He gained an insight into how new drones, […]

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Nicole from Blackburn was 19 when a friend introduced her to a 25 year old man who would soon start to control her life, separate her from her family and subject her to psychological abuse, physical violence and rape. She is now waiving her right to anonymity to encourage other victims to access help and support to get out of […]

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Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner is demanding Government give back Lancashire the 750 police officers lost since 2010, as new figures released by the Home Office this morning indicate Lancashire Constabulary will still have almost 250 fewer officers than in 2010 – despite the 20,000 ‘boost’. With the breakdown of funding still not announced, the first 6,000 new officers will […]

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